Entry 1


Paige Bromberg 

Class of 2021

Well, one day I'm lecturing to my Marine Biology class about something undoubtedly riveting when I notice the four pupils at Paige's table chuckling. "Paige, are you laughing with me or at me" I ask, to which she replies "both, I guess." Ah, the sincerity of youth. Fortunately years of teaching have provided me with a thick skin. The next day she presented me this wonderful little oil painting of a chimera (a.k.a. ratfish) an odd fish we had been studying. 

Entry 2

Aquatic Bird Notes

Jacinthe "Cuskin" Le

Class of 2019

These are illustrations to accompany some class notes about seabirds. It's pretty typical that I have my students draw specimens, with a lot of coaching from me. They have different levels of success, and Jacinthe was one to demonstrate some exemplary skill.