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Entry 1


Paige Bromberg 

Class of 2021

Well, one day I'm lecturing to my Marine Biology class about something undoubtedly riveting when I notice the four pupils at Paige's table chuckling. "Paige, are you laughing with me or at me" I ask, to which she replies "both, I guess." Ah, the sincerity of youth. Fortunately years of teaching have provided me with a thick skin. The next day she presented me this wonderful little oil painting of a chimera (a.k.a. ratfish) an odd fish we had been studying. 


Entry 2

Aquatic Bird Notes

Jacinthe "Cuskin" Le

Class of 2019

These are illustrations to accompany some class notes about seabirds. It's pretty typical that I have my students draw specimens, with a lot of coaching from me. They have different levels of success, and Jacinthe was one to demonstrate some exemplary skill.

Jacinthe's birds.png

Entry 3

Super Hero Muscles

Members of my Biomedical Science class had an unusual challenge: Show your mastery of superficial muscles by drawing and labeling your favorite super hero. The results were stunning, especially considering that half the kids always say "I can't draw." Here are just five examples. There were many others.

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