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The Blog of Kippens Jones


I can do whatever I want!

Blog Entry #1

Night of the Rat

My humanth live next to a farm, and thumtymth rodenth come into our yard. I should know, becuth one night i CAUGHT ONE. Even though the mom human tried to use a stupid rat trap. But I caught one, and you know what I did? I RAN INTO THE HOWTH with it, and it wasn't even dead. So the dad human and I chased it from room to room for half an hour, under the cowtch, under a bed, acroth the floor. We finally got it though. What did we do with it? Athk my friend Mufatha--he knowth about the THIRCLE OF LIFE. 

cat paw.jpg
Me and Walter.jpg

Blog Entry #2

Why Cats are better than Dogth

That's Walter, although thumtymth the Morgan human calls him by hith other name: YOOTH-LETH. So, look at the express-shun on my face: calm, confident, COOL. Now, look at the express-shun on Walter's face: Nervush, aprehenshiv, eager to please a human, UNCOOL. That's why cats are better than dogth. But I tolerate him. You know why? Becawth he adds warmth to my shnuggle bed.

cat paw.jpg
cat paw.jpg
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