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FAQs about me

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1. What's with the Oak Tree? 

Well, the oak is my namesake: Robles = Oak in Spanish. But growing up in '60s & '70s California, I often had to endure the mispronunciation of my apellido. Typically is was "Row-bulls", "Row-bleez", or the endearing "Barney Rubbles." One day in Junior High school, a bespeckled substitute teacher with a smidgen of Spanish was reading the roster, got to my name, looked up with a quizzical grimace and said "Nuts? Doesn't your name mean nuts?" Just what a seventh grade boy wants his classmates to hear. The mighty oak grows from a cute little acorn, which in strictly botanical terms is a tree nut, so in a way the lady was correct. However, most people equate "nuts" with almonds, peanuts, and crazy people (and other things if you're in seventh grade.)


2. Having a Spanish heritage, would        you say you believe in siestas?

Oh heck yes. I take naps in the afternoon whenever possible, sometimes even on the way home from work. I'll stop at the park, recline my seat, and snooze for an hour. It makes me a safer driver. The image on the left is a self portrait I drew in my college days, thirty something years ago, enjoying a siesta in the sun. By the way, note how my signature at the time was "Bry" instead of "BR", and no, Nike did not endorse me.  

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